About HYF

Established in 1958, Harrison Youth Football has a rich history with a program evolving from one "traveling" team, to four to six teams playing only at "home", to our current program within the SOYFA, Inc. league. Approximately 300 boys and girls, ages 6 to 11, participate in football and cheerleading. We exist because of these children and for these children.

Our home field, complete with scoreboard, press box, concession stand, and underground watering system, is on the property of the America Legion, J.B. Yeager Post #199 on Campbell Road. It was donated to HYF in 1989 and named the William B. Baugh Memorial Field after a local hero of the Korean War.

We have had many changes over the years, but one thing has remained constant - tremendous support from the community. This support, particularly from the local businesses, has allowed us to grow and enrich our program into what we are today.

Harrison Youth Football provides organized athletic instructional opportunities for the youth of our community. We serve children between the ages of 6 and 11 in our football and cheerleading programs. HYF is a tremendous educational opportunity for any young person as they prepare to embark upon the rigors of middle and high school sports and scholastics. At HYF, our goal is to teach the of the fundamentals of football and cheerleading which instills values of hard work, self-discipline, perseverance, mental toughness, sportsmanship, team work, respect for other and the importance of believing in one's self. Our program strives to provide during practices the opportunity for all young athletes to learn and develop these qualities. Through all this we are teachers. On game day, we coach.

As Parents and coaches it is in our nature to have a "let's win" mentality, but we must never lose focus on the real reasons we are involved with youth sports. As fun as winning is, long after the cheers of a youth game are over, the participants will always be able to use all the other skills that the great game of football and cheerleading teaches